Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emily's Story 2: WARNING - Hot Glass

Here's the second story from Emily with a bit more danger and explosions.

"I have 2 good friends who are sisters, and they used to be roommates. A few years ago, I was at their apartment. One sister "A" was making baked french fries. The other "B" had just put water on to boil for hot chocolate. (Their names actually do start with A and B. haha) A took the fries out of the oven, which were in a glass baking dish, and put them on top of the stove to cool. A and I were standing in their small nook of a kitchen when all of a sudden, the glass dish exploded. I somehow jumped my uncoordinated, slow-reflexed self out of the kitchen and into their living room area. A just stood in the corner of the kitchen, shocked. No burning, broken glass touched either one of us! It turns out that B had turned the wrong burner on for hot chocolate, and placing a glass dish on a very hot burner does not work well. There were pieces of glass melted to their kitchen floor. Of course B felt terrible, but we were just thankful that none of those pieces were embedded in our skin."


  1. I am glad everyone was safe. That's one experience I'd rather not have first hand.

  2. EEEEK! I've heard warnings about this sort of thing... I find it odd that glass baking dishes can be put in a 400+ degree oven, but are so dangerous if placed on a stovetop! I'm sure there has to be some scientific-y reason behind it...but its still WEIRD.