Hi, and welcome to Learning By Burning. I'm Maxwell and I'll be your chef-in-training today!

Let's get to the point. I like food. I like making food. Buuuut I've never been all that trained or practiced at cooking food. I've recently starting making more dishes and working with more ingredients and appliances, getting my hands dirty so to speak, but I don't always have the foresight to do some research on things I'm not 100% sure about. Needless to say, cooking for me is an experience of "learning by doing", or, in some cases, "learning by burning."

As this blog grows, I'll share the recipes of whatever delicious meals, sides, appetizers and desserts I'm attempting this week. And as long as I don't burn down the kitchen, I'll share what I learned from the dishes that didn't exactly go as planned too. So join me as I learn my away around the kitchen, appliances, ingredients and recipes and do some learning by burning!