Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HOW many years worth of recipes?!

If you read any of my other blogs or know me in real life or from the various forums I live on, I've admitted frequently to being addicted to Pinterest. Especially for food. Emphasis on "especially". I have over 2500 pins now, and, at last count, over 1000 of those were recipes, and the way I have them organized doesn't let me get away with pinning duplicates easily, so it's over 1000 unique recipes. That's enough for one recipe a day for nearly three years. At the rate I go trawling for new recipes, it won't be long before I DO have enough for three years worth of recipes. But at the very least, I want to start trying new ones and cutting down this list. What do you think, one meal a week made from Pinterest recipes, including dessert? Would you all care to follow me down this likely path of destruction?

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